Freedom of Speech and Expression Resources

Learn about resources available to students, faculty, and staff relating to freedom of expression.

On-Campus Resources

  • UC San Diego Policy on Free Speech, Advocacy and Distribution of Literature on University Grounds (also known as “PPM-510”) – This policy sets forth rules regarding the appropriate time, place and manner of speech and expression (i.e., conduct) on the grounds of UC San Diego. Read a brief summary of PPM-510.
  • UC San Diego Principles of Community – UC San Diego strives to maintain a climate of fairness, cooperation, and professionalism. The Principles of Community are vital to the success of UC San Diego and the well-being of its constituents. UC San Diego faculty, staff, and students are expected to practice these basic principles as individuals and in groups. Spanish PDF version available here.
  • Freedom of Expression: A Right with Responsibilities pamphlet (PDF) prepared by the UC San Diego Police Department – This guide includes a brief discussion of polices, rules and regulations regarding free speech and expression at UC San Diego, and includes summaries of various California Penal Code sections that may be implicated should individuals engage in criminal behavior that goes beyond constitutionally protected speech.
  • UC Whistleblower Policy – This policy contains a procedure for filing and addressing whistleblower complaints.
  • Student Legal Services – Provides free, confidential counseling, education, and referrals on all types of law- and policy-related matters to currently registered UC San Diego students and student organizations.
  • Office for the Prevention of Harassment and Discrimination (OPHD) – The mission of OPHD is to educate the UC San Diego community about bias, harassment, and discrimination, and to assist with the prevention and resolution of these issues in a fair and responsible manner.
  • Reporting bias incidents – This website serves as a means of reporting bias incidents involving UC San Diego students, thereby encouraging a safe and tolerant campus climate.
  • Equal Opportunity/Staff Affirmative Action – The division of Human Resources designs and facilitates campus-wide programs to foster equal opportunity, heighten awareness of the value of diversity, and ensure UC San Diego's status in good standing as a federal and state contractor.
  • Office of Student Conduct – The Office of Student Conduct oversees the implementation of University of California and UC San Diego campus policies and regulations (including the Student Conduct Code) related to the conduct of individual students and registered student organizations.
  • Ombuds Office – The UC San Diego Office of the Ombuds provides confidential, neutral, and informal dispute resolution services for the UC San Diego community.
  • Cross-Cultural Center – The central mission of the Cross-Cultural Center is to create a space of dialogue where individuals learn about themselves as well as others in a supportive environment.
  • Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Resource Center – The LGBT Resource Center provides a visible presence on campus and enhances a sense of connection and community among LGBT faculty, staff, students, alumni, and the UC San Diego community.
  • Women’s Center – The UC San Diego Women's Center is a space in which people work collaboratively to foster the educational, professional, and personal development of diverse groups of women. The Center provides education and support to all members of UC San Diego regarding gender issues, with the goal of promoting an inclusive and equitable campus community.
  • UC San Diego Police – The UC San Diego Police Department is dedicated to maintaining a safe community for instruction, research, and public service. This mission is accomplished through the values of integrity, respect, and support.
  • International Students & Programs office of the International Center

Off-Campus Resources